Wingate Roundrock

This year Chupacabracon will once again be held at the Wingate Hotel and Convention Center in Round Rock, just 10 minutes north of Austin proper.

The Wingate is offering a special room rate for the convention. There are a limited number of rooms, so be sure to book early. This rate includes a full hot breakfast buffet and rooms with a double, a king, or a king and sofa are available.

To get the con rate you HAVE TO CALL THE HOTEL AND GIVE THEM THE CODE: CGCHUP. $109.64/night. The previous code was wrong, and the correct code does not work on the website. You have to call them.

Call the Wingate Hotel and Conference Center ot book your room at (512) 341-7000.

Nearby and Nearby-ish Food

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There are a lot of food options near the Wingate. There will be drinks and snacks available on-site, but if you’re looking for other foodstuffs, you’re likely to find whatever suits your fancy nearby including some common fast food and chain options, as well as some Austin area favorites.

In the immediate area is mostly fast food and couple chains like Texas Roadhouse. Westside Alehouse has a nice atmosphere and outdoor area. La Margarita is a popular place for Mexican food and margaritas.

Heading North on 35 you’ll hit more of the common places and a couple local favorites. Rudy’s BBQ is one of my favorites. It was one of the first Texas BBQ places I ate at when I moved here. And it’s in a gas station, because why not? Near there is also a Chuy’s which is good local Tex Mex. This is one of the Austin originals, so if you’re from out of town you may want to check it out.

Further North you’ve got In’n’Out and a few other popular chains. Another Austin favorite is Freebirds World Burrito. That’s a lot of burrito for the money, super custom, and tasty. It’s worth the drive. If you’re not from the area, stick to the frontage roads heading up to these places. It’s really easy to miss the exit and have to double back.

Heading east is much the same; a bunch of common places and another Austin original. Down a bit from the main highway on 79 is Torchy’s Tacos. This place has really good street tacos and great migas in the morning. It started as one of the famous Austin food trucks and has grown into a really popular place for good food.

Heading south we go through the usual fair. But there are a couple places to check out. Pluckers started out as a local wings place near UT and has added a few locations. They have good wings and also has a nice patio area. A little hidden treasure on this end of town is La Cocina. It was opened by a classically trained Italian chef with Mexican heritage. He combines Italian with Mexican dishes. I am a big fan of his Lasagne. If you’re looking for a local “hole in the wall”, this is the place.

And then even further south is one of the larger shopping centers with all of the reliable chains; Red Lobster, Chipotle, Egg & I, etc.