ChupacabraCon is the brainchild of a group of RPG gamers (called The TPK Gamers) in Austin, Texas. Sometime back in 2013 they were sitting around the table, eating their weekly shared meal before the start of the total party killing festivities, lamenting the lack of an RPG convention in Austin. What started as the usual, “we should do something about that,” a week later turned into the start of the planning. 8 months later Chupacabracon opened at the Airport Hyatt Inn the rest is history.

The convention benefits nonprofit Austin Creative Pathways whose mission is to inspire and prepare youth for careers in the roleplaying, tabletop and video game industries through technology, writing, and visual arts education. In this increasingly digital age of ours, analog gaming is becoming a more important aspect of game development rather than less of one. Many of the same art, planning, and story development skill cross between genres. A lot of our modern MMORPG developers came from the analog RPG industry and vice versa. After all, story telling is story telling regardless of the medium. We want Chupacabracon to not only serve as a primary fundraiser for Austin Creative Pathways, but to also serve as a gateway into the wonderful world of analog gaming.

ChupacabraCon is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy and terms of purchase (including rules and regulations) can be found on our Code of Conduct page.