Sean Roberson

Sean Owen Roberson graduated high school in Houston, Texas and immediately left home to volunteer as a missionary in Taiwan for two years. He later served in the US Air Force as a Signals Intelligence analyst, where he earned lots of cool medals and qualified as an M-16 marksman. He has obtained a degree in Mandarin Chinese from the prestigious Defense Language Institute, a degree in Visual Communications from Lone Star College, and a degree in Design & Production from the School of Arts and Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas. He is currently pursuing graduate level studies in games system design and narrative/storytelling design.

Sean has been avidly playing tabletop roleplaying games and wargames since the early 90’s and used to manage a Games Workshop store. He has recently gotten involved in the professional gaming industry working on the Savage Rifts® line of products for Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. with a whole bunch of other Seans and a Shane, and was the lead writer for the upcoming Empires of Humanity sourcebook.