Tim Kirk

Tim Kirk has been gaming since 1983, loves games and tends to be overly friendly even for a Texan.
He is the sole proprietor Silverlion Studios, which has successfully published two games: Hearts & Souls, a superhero game in

2005, and the High Valor RPG, a Dark Ages fantasy game in 2010. He still continues to work on material and create games as time permits, he is just a  very slow writer, mostly due to his desire to make sure his mechanics work as intended, and are explained well. If asked about indexes he will probably bash his head into a wall, because he worked very hard on High Valor’s index. (and didn’t bother with Hearts & Souls.)

He is always willing to learn new and important things in gaming and is often an early adopter of other writer’s works. Overall, he is an enthusiastic gamer who loves to meet new people and bring people into gaming.
Warning: Has some social anxiety so may take him a moment or two to respond to social interactions, but he is NOT unwilling to do so, just give him a wee bit of time.