What type of convention is ChupacabraCon?

First, we want it to be a fun, safe, welcoming, family-friendly convention open to everyone!  We are an analog games con which means we don’t center any of our scheduled activities around video games.  We focus on role-playing games, board games, LARP, and minis as well as panels for GMs, players, game writers and designers.

How will I know what games and panels I can attend?

A few weeks before the Con we will publish The Schedule.  VIPs get first pick, then everyone with a badge can login to tabletop.events and fill up their schedule. You will need to “purchase tickets” for zero dollars to each event you wish to attend, through tabletop.events.

Is there open gaming?

Yes, we have space dedicated to open gaming as well as a board game library where you can check out a game at any time the room is open.

What kind of volunteer opportunities do you offer?

GMs get in free if you agree to run two game sessions or the equivalent (8 hours).  Other volunteering opportunities include two four-hour(ish) shifts in setup, tear down, registration, board game library, and/or runner.

Do people cosplay?

Yes, mostly for LARPs, but we have had people come in costume just for fun.  We encourage it!

What about forums and panels? Do you have those in addition to games?

Yep!  We have a panel track with topics of interest to players, GMs, game writers, and designers. The panel schedule will be posted at the same time as the game schedule, or as close to it as we can get.

Is the con kid-friendly?

Yes, but… we actually have a kids track/area this year which is great!  But – you cannot just drop off your small children and leave. Minor children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What happens if something bad goes on at the convention?

If someone’s life is in danger always call 911.  If something untoward happens to you (or near you) such as harassment, please notify convention staff immediately. We will be wearing staff shirts and/or have special Staff-only badges.  Please refer to our code of conduct.