Greg Gorden

Once and future game designer, Greg has designed or contributed to the design of several tabletop RPG games including James Bond 007, DC Heroes, Star Wars from West End Games, Torg, and
Earthdawn. He has also professionally dabbled in comic books (Torg) and collectible card games (Killer Instinct), and published a novel and short fiction from Roc/Penguin for the Earthdawn line.
He left tabletop to participate in the online gaming as creative director for AOG, Inc, designing games and other portions of their online community. While suffering the fate of many internet startups, the company’s transition to mobile games led Greg to his next gig: The Elder Scrolls Travels series. Principal designer for Stormhold, Dawnstar, and Shadowkey, he also consulted on the Oblivion mobile game.
Game industry opportunities shrank at the same time his son Spencer was growing into a teen, so he adulted as Mr.Gorden and moved into Portland IT gigs. In 2015, Ulisses Spiele and Shane Hensley approached Greg about working on the new edition of Torg. Over the next two years, working on small pieces of that game again infected him with the tabletop game designing bug. Ask him about his current project. To save your ears, you should probably ask for the short version.