ChupacabraCon 4 Round Up!

What a great year! We were blessed to have so many amazing attendees and guests.

The Austin Board Game Designers group took over the Llano room for a great weekend of playtesting, workshops and panels. The Friday night Charity Game was once again a hoot! This year’s live auction was super popular and included crazy good items like a leather-bound copy of the Chaosium’s 7th Edition rules from Call of Cthulhu, a sweet Deadlands set and all of the 7th Sea books from John Wick Presents.  The Play-to-Win board game program from Double Exposure was a hit – if you didn’t get to try this year, look for it again in 2018.

We have to say thanks to the super folks at Pinnacle for throwing the East Texas University tailgate party!

Also new was Chango’s Goat Market which featured Con swag and guest products on consignment.  Congrats to Nevin McGee for winning the 2017 ChupacabraCon scholarship!

A huge thanks to Brandon Christopher Peterson for designing this year’s Chango (featured above), to our staff and volunteers for all their hard work and to the Wingate for their support.

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ChupacabraCon 4 Pro Guest List:
Aaron de Orive
Brandon Christopher Peterson
Cam Banks
Clint Black
Dennis Sustare
Ed Wetterman
Gareth-Michael Skarka
George Vasilakos
Jamie Chambers
Jeff Dee
Jennifer Baughman
Jodi Black
John Wick
Mark Carroll
Michael Satran
Preston DuBose
Robert Schwalb
Robin English-Bircher
Ross Watson
Russell Zimmerman
Sean Patrick Fannon
Sean Tait Bircher
Shane Hensley
Shane Ivey
Talzhemir Mrr

Sheena Vandevanter